Building lasting value through strategic real estate investments.

Field Properties LLC is the real estate investment group of Field Holdings, A Chicago-based family office run by four generations of the Field Family. Finding great success throughout the 20th century in the folding carton business, Field Holdings has expanded its investment horizon beyond the packaging industry. Field Properties uses the entrepreneurial spirit and operational excellence that are hallmarks of the success of Field Holdings to make growth-oriented real estate investments on behalf of the organization. 

At Field Properties, we leverage our deep understanding of real estate markets from decades of owning industrial and multi-family properties and strong relationships with industry partners to identify and capitalize on opportunities with exceptional growth potential under the right management. Additionally, we prioritize a strategic and disciplined approach to investments that frequently assessed and improved based on real world experience and real time market data to ensure we are able to attain outsized returns in all market environments.

Our Commitment

Field Properties is a self-funded single family office that looks to acquire real estate assets that provide superior long-term returns while maintaining a focus on risk management. We believe in building strong relationships with our partners to contribute positively to the communities in which they are located. Our experienced team employs a disciplined approach to underwriting, due diligence, and asset management and we strive to identify opportunities that align with our investment criteria.

About Field Properties

About Field Properties

Field Properties takes a diligent approach to investing in industrial and multi-family properties. We also evaluate opportunities outside these areas and are prepared to put capital to work when our investment criteria is met.


Field Properties maintains a portfolio of several industrial and multi-family properties across the U.S. We are always looking for opportunities to grow with additional investments.

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We take great pride in the relationships we have developed over the years and we occasionally partner on joint investments when a merging of expertise can help achieve outsized returns. Interested in discussing opportunities with us? Get in touch with us today!